Madre tierra is a program transforming a supply concern into a new sourcing model with business, social and environmental benefit.

A contribution from Danone Ecosystem Fund

Why does it matter?

Every year, 8000 tons of strawberries are sourced for Danone North America (NORAM), with 90% sourced from a single small town in Mexico. This sourcing dependency presents an issue for our NORAM Cycles & Procurement (C&P) team, as it exposes us to high price volatility, market saturation, and low traceability of social conditions for farmers.

What is the initiative?

To ensure the NORAM C&P team has a resilient, competitive and transparent ingredients source we focused on upskilling the Mexican farmers we work with, on regenerative agriculture practices and on increased on-farm profitability.​

Opportunities for other farms?

The Madre Tierra project is connecting small farms in Mexico with our value chain, and empowering smallholder strawberry farmer communities by providing an innovative set of training, technologies and capital access.

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