By 2050, almost 10 billion people will live on our planet, increasing the need for sustainable food production. Through regenerative agriculture, we aim to give consumers responsibly farmed and healthier products.

Regenerative Agriculture

As a food company, one of the most important ways we deliver societal impact is through the farming model we choose. Agriculture today represents 2/3 of our greenhouse gas emissions, and roughly 90% of our water footprint. 

Danone’s decision is clear. We are committed to growing food in a way that regenerates natural ecosystems, starting with the soil, while strengthening the well-being of farmers, livestock, local communities and consumers.

Together with over 50,000 farms, and partners, we want to expand the regenerative agriculture movement and deliver impact.  

Goals on 3 levels

To succeed in our mission, we want to improve the lives of farmers, the lives of their animals, and the impact we have on this planet.


We empower farmers, by ensuring regenerative agriculture models are economically viable, and protect workers.

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We are restoring soil so that it can draw carbon from the atmosphere, strengthen biodiversity and retain more water.

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We are securing the welfare of animals which have a key role to play in healthy ecosystems.

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