Selective dry cow treatment reduces the preventive use of antibiotics while improving udder health.

In collaboration with MSD Animal Health

Why does it matter?

Mastitis is a painful disease for cows. It directly affects milk production. At drying off, farmers often use antibiotics as a blanket treatment. They do this to reduce the risk of mastitis after calving in the first part of the lactation. Regular treatments with antibiotics can, however, lead to antimicrobial resistance.

How did we solve this?

It starts with carefully selecting healthy non-infected cows. Together with a balanced dry off diet and better hygiene, we were able to reduce blanket treatment. The result? In the first year, around 30% of cows were already dried-off without antibiotics.

Opportunities for other farms?

Farmers around the world use blanket antibiotics treatments as dry off therapy. Our action plan focuses on careful selection, better hygiene and a balanced diet, which can be applied to any farm.

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