Implementing a mobile oasis in a Romanian field to provide fresh water and shade areas for cows on pasture during summer.

A contribution from Danone Ecosystem Fund

Why does it matter?

In some areas, cows on pasture can have difficulty finding water or shade in the fields. This as a big impact on animal welfare and milk production due to heat induced stress, as a result of days with especially high temperatures.

How did we solve this?

The Chance4All project tested a solution to tackling this problem: they installed a mobile oasis in the grazing field in Romania, providing water, shade and heat relief for cows on pasture. The mobile oasis was settled on a common field used by multiple farms during the summer for pasture, ensuring water access to approximately 150 cows. The oasis is created using a solar powered pump that extracts water directly from the ground. Thanks to this solution, the milk production increased by 2 L/cow/day on average.

Opportunities for other farms?

A mobile oasis can be a solution for improving animal welfare and productivity, which can be replicated in farming systems that graze during hot periods.

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