Early and efficient detection of heat allows timely actions. Connected sensors allow an accurate and early detection of the heat and health issues.

In collaboration with Connecterra

Why does it matter?

Inaccurate or late detection of individual cow heat and health status results in the delay of the heat detection, which can impact the reproduction success and therefore milk production. In contrast, timely detection is essential to increase the pregnancy rate and the milk production.

How did we solve this?

Monitoring sensors (Ida) can be placed on lactating and dry cows to guarantee continuous detection. The KPIs are determined with farmers based on their needs. Ida enables farmers to discover abnormal situations in the herd at an early stage and intervene quickly.

After connecting to the Farm Managing System and collecting data for 2-3 weeks, Ida sensors detected heat and gave targeted insights on abnormal behavior that could indicate metabolic issues. Three years after implementation, the pregnancy rate increased by 11% and the voluntary waiting period increased by 20 days due to increase in conception rate. Labor productivity also decreased by 2,7 hours/day.

Opportunities for other farms?

Timely detection of cow’s heat with Artificial Intelligence technology could benefit all farms with a Farming Management System.

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