We designed an integrated approach to improve animal welfare and to mitigate heat stress.

Why does it matter?

Heat stress can compromise animal welfare and cow’s productivity.

How did we solve this?

We designed an integrated action plan to mitigate heat stress and improve animal welfare on a farm in Spain. We implemented an aeration system with rotavator to prevent the production of bacteria in the bedding made out of straw and solid manure. To mitigate heat stress we used a shower system with fans called the Israeli technique. Thanks to the use of monitoring collars we were able to detect abnormal behaviors in the animals, such as heat stress. Lastly, we reduced by 10% the number of animals on the farm, for a better stocking density (~15 m2 per animal).

After two years of incorporating this approach, animal welfare and cows’ lifetime production increased.

Opportunities for other farms?

Animal welfare is a global challenge. Every farm can improve animal welfare standards. This approach may be replicated on all farms that face heat stress conditions during the summertime.

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