Group of farmers built manure platforms and bought equipment for manure storage and fermentation.

A contribution from Danone Ecosystem Fund

Why does it matter?

Manure is not always easy to manage. Inappropriate management of manure – such as storing manure in unconfined piles of stacks during the winter – might cause water and soil contamination. It is difficult for farms with limited capacity for manure management to make the most of manure and optimise nutrients.

How did we solve this?

Farmers working collectively allowed for a reduction of costs in building manure platforms for manure storage and fermentation, but also manure management equipment. As a result, manure can be stored during the winter in specific platforms and properly managed throughout the year, avoiding soil and water contamination. This also reduced use of mineral fertilisers by 50 kg/ha/year. Due to completion in line with Romanian and European regulations on manure, farmers could apply for EU subsidies.

Opportunities for other farms?

Creating groups within farmers to collectively build manure platforms, can benefit small farms in splitting manure management costs and improve the fertilisation on the field.

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