Chances for All gives Romanian farmers the opportunity to start and improve their farming business.

Farming in Romania

Chances for All gives Romanian farmers the opportunity to kickstart their own farming business. It supports them in improving their knowledge and strengthening their position in the national and global marketplace.

Watch the video below to learn more about Chances for All in Romania.

A better life

Aurelian Capdefier wanted to turn his backyard into a farm.

I had a few animals, but you couldn’t call it a farm. I didn’t even have a barn – it was just a roof. But Chances for All gave me the push I needed. It was hard work, but it was worth it.

The Marincea family

The Marincea family had to start from scratch. But thanks to Chances for All, they now have a stable and a financially healthy farm.

The Matei Marian family

The passion and love for animals started with his grandfather. He was the first farmer in Romania from whom Danone collected milk.

Dan Smarcea

Together with his daughter, farmer Dan, starts each season with planting trees. It’s good for the farmland, it gives shade to their cows and it reduces the carbon footprint of the land.

Iulian Poting

Iulian can see his farm growing. In the beginning his cows gave about 5 liters each, every day. Now that’s 15. The mobile milking stations Danone provide made all the difference.

Ion Gratianu

Danone helped me with training and funding to start my own little farm, just like my grandfather had one.

Marius Mierlea

I have always dreamed of having a farm and working with nature. And then one day I found out that Danone needed skilled farmers for milk production. Now my life has completely changed.

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