The Frezna project is supporting our farmer partners in Morocco to improve their margins and their market access, while producing their strawberries in a sustainable way.

A contribution from Danone Ecosystem Fund

Why does it matter?

Strawberries are the number one fruit purchased by Danone, with 27,000 tons a year. However, conditions in which some of our producers work is far from optimal, especially in Morocco, which provides most of Danone’s European supplies for strawberries.

What is the initiative?

The Frezna project’s objectives is to address the 3 main challenges identified in Danone strawberry production in Morocco: the social, economic and environmental challenges. Working hand in hand with our local partners, the Frezna project is driving systematic change to improve farmers conditions in the region.

Opportunities for other farms?

Frezna aims to develop a sustainable farm model to produce a sustainable strawberry. Most of the initiatives being implemented here are not region specific and can be applied to other strawberry production, all around the world.

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