Optimizing nutrient supply for crops achieves sustainability without any negative impacts on farm productivity!

In collaboration with Yara

Why does it matter?

Nutrients from fertilizers play a major role in guaranteeing the yield and quality of crops. Problems like nutrient imbalances, excess applications and inefficient use, can lead to environment nutrient loss. This results in effects on water and air quality, biodiversity and human health.

How did we solve this?

Sustainable nutrient management and tailored inputs for crops optimize overall nutrient usage.

Based on the soil nutrients available, crop growth and needs, we determined the organic and mineral nutrients required. We implemented new fertilizer strategies and conducted trials for one year. The forage efficiency increased by 10% compared to the previous year.

Opportunities for other farms?

Tailored sustainable nutrient management plans matter for all regions and crops. Tools, services and products are interchangeable depending on the specific farm situation and with the support of farm advisors.

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