French dairy farmers launch crowdfunding campaigns: to create financial support opportunities, to help transition to regenerative farming practices.

A contribution from Danone Ecosystem Fund

Why does it matter?

Implementing regenerative best practices aims at reducing expenses and increasing farming resilience in the long run. However, access to finance is key in the transition, since taking actions can require financial investment that farmers cannot always afford.

How did we solve this?

Farmers launched crowdfunding campaigns, to find additional finance to support the implementation of regenerative practices (solar panels, soil preparation tools, barn extensions to store locally grown feed, etc.). MiiMOSA is a crowdfunding platform that consumers are quite familiar with that can be easily used by farmers. It requires pitching the project and setting a financial goal.

Beyond financing (around 2000€/campaign), crowdfunding tightens the bond between farmers & consumers, and sensitises consumers to agricultural challenges, by involving civil society in the transition to regenerative food systems.

Opportunities for other farms?

Launching a crowdfunding campaign can be done by all farmers and is even suitable for projects with no short-term economic return on investment.

For more information on this best practice and on other practices implemented in France, please login and/or visit the French toolbox for farmers or Danone Ecosystem Fund

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