Improving feed, nutrient efficiency, and cow performance thanks to feed additive on a French farm.

In collaboration with DSM

Why does it matter?

A cow digestive ability depends on the ability to breakdown starch and fiber in the cow’s rumen. The digestion of starch and fiber, in turn, is affected by several factors such as variety of corn, quality and sourcing of forage and conservation techniques. It is therefore important to provide supplements in cow’s diet that help breakdown corn starch without changing the rumen pH.

How did we solve this?

First we assessed the diet formulation in the cow’s feed. Based on that, we implemented a tailored supplementation plan, integrating enzymes in high and medium starch diets for the first 100 days of lactation. We carefully monitored cow KPIs and adapted the diet when needed.

After 7 months of this practice, the average milk yield (kg/day) improved from 34.6 to 37.5. The solids in milk (fat and protein) also increased, improving the overall milk quality, therefore increasing farmers’ revenue. We also observed better fertility and less weight loss.

Opportunities for other farms?

This approach can be replicated on farms facing issues related to starch and fiber digestibility. It can also be applied to improve feed efficiency for high and medium starch diets.

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