Creation of events in demo French farms to foster knowledge transmission from farmer to farmer, accelerating the transition to regenerative agricultural practices.

A contribution from Danone Ecosystem Fund

Why does it matter?

Sharing experiences, trials and results is key to encourage farmers to implement regenerative practices. Without awareness and understanding, farmers may be reluctant to change, and without showcasing their techniques, pioneer farmers cannot valorise their work, engage their peers and other actors in the value chain.

How did we solve this?

Pioneer French farmers organise an open day on their farms once a year. This allows them to share their experiences and display trials to other farmers and stakeholders on innovative practices regarding feed efficiency, soil and herd health.
The overall benefits of this are encouraging: 90% of farmers who took part in the open days have implemented at least one of the trials, and up to 200 people attended each open day.

Opportunities for other farms?

Creating demo farms and hosting open days is possible in all farming systems & geographies. Farmers and local project teams can replicate and scale the settings according to the time and investment they want to put in.

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