Improving milk performance and cow health by supplementing fat products in the cow's diet.

Why does it matter?

A cow’s diet forms the foundation of a cow’s health, as well as fertility. It is important to adjust the diet to ensure healthier cows and improve milk performance.

How did we solve this?

We ensured cow health and increase milk performance by supplementing additional fat in the diet. To do so, we assessed the baseline diet and nutrients. Then, we defined a trial and control group on farm. We added a tailored dosage of fat products in the ration once a day in the trial group and monitored the results.

A month after starting the pilot, the milk yield increased, as well as its fat content. The expected long-term result of this practice is an improved body condition score. As result of this, lifetime production and fertility will also increase.

Opportunities for other farms?

Ensuring a balanced cow diet is a challenge for every farm. This practice can be implemented on farms experiencing issues with balancing dietary energy.

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