For all farmers

Every farmer counts, and every step towards improving their living conditions matters. We are building long-term relationships by sharing value and investing in the future together.

Farmers and farm workers are the lead actors in the transition to regenerative agriculture, and we are committed to supporting them whether they are just starting on this journey or well on their way. 

Anticipating farmers’ needs

Many of our farms have been with us for several years and over multiple generations.

Understanding the farming business

Danone has developed innovative contracts with farmers that make them less dependant on price fluctuations. We guarantee them a fair margin, coverage of their production costs and an engagement for several years.

Sharing new knowledge

Through training centres, the sharing of knowledge and developing tailored training materials, we keep the farmers we work with in the loop and on top of their game.

Creating a global ambassadorship

Our partnering farmers have become global ambassadors for a more sustainable and regenerative way of farming.