Farming for Generations is an alliance of eight world agricultural leaders, key partners, and farmers, led by Danone. Our goal is to support farmers in adopting regenerative farming practices, preserving our resources and improving animal welfare along the way.

We are a global movement. Every partner and farmer brings unique and cutting-edge knowledge and experience to the table. As key players in the agricultural supply chain, we believe joining forces is the best way to meet our challenges.


Through Farming for Generations, we intend to promote a way of farming that is better for everyone: innovative, regenerative, profitable, with more animal welfare and ultimately, with healthier quality products for our consumers.

Consumers are leading the way to regenerative agriculture

Preservation and renewal of our resources leads our thoughts and work. That is why we vouch to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect our soil, and preserve our biodiversity. While still providing the best quality of life for dairy cows.


Today’s decisions will be tomorrow’s opportunities. We see it as our job to create a positive impact on our planet and the dairy supply chain. We believe dairy farming, specifically, will have an important role to play in building the regenerative agriculture food chain of tomorrow.

That is why we continuously work to better best practices. Together with farmers, we implement the fundamentals of regenerative agriculture all over the world, leaving room for state-of-the-art discovery, innovation, and implementation.

As of June 2019, we have been working on an integrated approach with more than 30 farms, in the US, EU (France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Romania and Spain), and Russia. We continue to stay eager, supporting new and existing farm projects every day.

Our three regenerative agriculture goals
the roadmap of farming for generations

1 year farming for generations

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October 2020

Talking about the F4G roadmap and an update on the new website.


Meet Josep Maria Ruiz

June 2020

With an update on our best practices and monitoring tools.


April 2020

With a report from our working groups and the US dairy forum.


January 2020

With a new calendar and a few words from our demo farms.


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