Animal welfare is a win-win-win

A healthy cow gives more and higher quality dairy, providing farmers with a steady income while producing a better product for consumers. A healthy cow also lives longer and emits less CO2, reducing its impact on the environment.

Free circulation is a key

We are working on free circulation for animals, phasing out remaining tied stalls, and working on stocking density while promoting outdoor access. 

Read our animal welfare progress report here.

Guaranteeing the 5 freedoms of cows

We ask farmers to guarantee the 5 freedoms of their animals. 

Freedom from hunger and thirst

All animals get free access to fresh quality water and a healthy diet to maintain their vigour.

Freedom from discomfort

All animals get access to shelter and comfortable resting areas.

Freedom from pain, injury and disease

All farmers work hard to prevent disease or diagnose and treat animals quickly.

Freedom from fear and distress

All animals receive treatment and care that avoid mental suffering.

Freedom to express normal behaviour

All animals are free to roam. All farmers promote outdoor access and work towards a more viable stock density.