Real climate ambitions

We foster the ambition to be carbon neutral by the year 2050. All our programmes actively monitor and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to help fight against climate change. Read our climate policy.

Thanks to the Cool Farm tool, we know our projects on the ground are delivering impact in the fight against climate change. In 2020 alone, we reduced our GHG footprint by 1 million tons, and half of this reduction was thanks to regenerative agriculture.

Eliminating deforestation

Danone is committed to eliminating deforestation from its supply chain. We aim to source milk, dairy and plant-based ingredients by using 100% traceable soy or by promoting local protein alternatives. Read more about our forest policy here.

Improving soil and biodiversity

We work with WWF France, technicians, and a diverse group of environmental and agricultural experts, to create a scorecard that defines regenerative practices for soil, manure, biodiversity and water, for beginners, advanced and best-in-class practitioners.

Through adding manure, minimising the use of chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides, using cover crops and reducing soil tillage, we work to improve the soil health on our partnering farms. Studies show that farms can compensate up to 28% of their greenhouse gas emissions that way. Take a look at our best practices.

Looking after our water supply

Danone is committed to protecting and restoring watersheds where we operate. We want to support farmers in reducing their total water use by 25% through better irrigation management. Would you like to learn more about our water policy?